The Rio games are almost upon us, so get your business ready for the games, and benefit by tying in promotions etc.

Screening Events

Millions of people watched the London games. Whether you are a coffee house, restaurant, bar or shop, you should entice people in with screenings of the events. Showing events can entice customer inside and stay longer and have that extra cup of coffee or pint!

Brazil everywhere

Why not use the Brazilian flag to brand your wrapping, or put up bunting to get in the mood.

It's closer than you think

You will want to get ready for when the games officially start on 5th August 2016. Keep people aware via your website and social media.

Inform your clients

You’ll need to let people know about your business promotions and this is where e-digiprint come in. We can produce flyers, banners, bunting etc. What ever you need for your olympic printing promotions, we can do it.

Our special offer

To help with the cost, e-digiprint are doing a special Olympic only offer to new clients. Enter the code 10FIRST when you check out and get a 10% discount!!!Happy Rio 2016 :-)