Litho printing versus Digital Printing

For most of us as important as it is in having the right content equally important is having the content printed in the best possible manner. There has been an undeniable boom in the printing industry with the advent of digital printing. Digital printing has in fact opened vast avenues in terms of technology, higher options and features. This has made commercial printing much more colourful than it ever was. However all this advancement has been at the cost of some confusion as well. So when it’s time to get your company stationery ordered, how do you know which option to choose which comes in the form of digital printing and traditional litho printing.By now you would be wondering what is the difference between digital as compared to litho printing? Litho printing basically stands for lithography base printing which is the most widely used printing technology. This technique is based on the process of repulsion between water and oil. This water film essentially keeps the non printing regions free from any ink.Even though most widely used, Litho printing is increasingly being replaced with Digital printing. The advantage of digital printing is that it removes the need for numerous mechanical steps. The essex printers bring in a higher degree of sophistication in the printing process by eliminating unnecessary steps and bringing about higher efficiency in the same.


There are numerous advantages of digital printing as compared to litho printing of which the most obvious one is the reduced time requirement. Further, each and every print out that you will obtain will be same. This brings about more accuracy in the printing process. Since this method eliminates any additional steps it is even better in producing high volume cheap print outs. The per unit cost of printing is very high in litho printing as compared to digital printing.


There many advantages of using litho printing. The most important among them is the high quality print out that litho printing produces. Using litho printing you can print of even higher number of surfaces apart from paper like wood, cloth or even leather! Even though the per unit cost in case of litho printing is high it tends to go down as the quantity goes up.Litho printing is highly advantages when we want to get print outs in high volumes. Even though digital printing is robust too but when it comes to high volume, litho printing is better. You can decide on which method of printing you would like to adopt by taking into consideration factors such as the quantity of printing required, the printing medium to be used, the colour combination required and the turnaround and customisation level that is expected. Taking into consideration all these factors one may be able to comfortably decide which method of printing will be the best for a particular use.Or better still, you really don’t need to decide, as that in what’s job is!