Since we have teamed up with Mirri, there has been some great development of an exceptionally bright plastic-free metallic finish, called Mirri Eco. This is a fully recyclable product, which has been developed for customers to limit their environmental impact without compromising on quality.

Mirri Eco is a non-filmic transfer metallised product that does not contain any plastic and only uses a fine metallic layer, but still gives the great effect.

The latest in this Mirri Eco range is Mirri Eco Sparkle, which comes in a choice of Gold or Silver. Although we can overprint the silver to give you an unlimited choice of colours, be it a bronze or a lovely rose gold. As you can see, we can be pretty creative with this effect, as we have the ability to backup certain areas with white to block the effect, so the areas with the effect really stand out! This new green eco-friendly range is going to be very popular for all sectors, particularly for menus, brochure covers, and cosmetic point of sale. As we digitally print onto this glitter effect eco board, we can produce a short run, meaning it will be very cost effective.

So just to sum it up -

Plastic-free ✓

Fully recyclable ✓

Metallic effect ✓

Glitter effect ✓

Very cost effective ✓

Very fast turnaround time ✓

What is not to love about this new exciting product! We look forward to helping you produce your luxury, high end, eco-friendly printing. We are based in Essex, UK, if you are local feel free to pop in and get creative with us!