For many retail promotions, high quality and professionally produced point of sale marketing materials can be as important as product packaging and design in stimulating sales. The power of point of sale marketing materials to stimulate interest and knowledge of a product or brand is undisputed, walk into any retail store to see evidence of this.

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From producing simple point of sale banners and displays to more innovative, creative retail merchandising solutions, Pepper can help to make a substantial difference to the success of your promotional campaign. We have the experience and expertise to get your point of sale material produced and distributed quickly and cost effectively, relieving you of a major logistical and communications challenge, and lowering the cost of your promotion in the process.

Printing on a choice of papers with a range of inks to suit any job, whether its posters for events or promotional use, window graphics or merchandising point of sale display, our production speed and quality will always exceed expectations.

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