Creating a spectacular focal point for your premier products is yours through the expert poster printing services offered by e-digiprint. Rendering artwork, graphics, and photos in large format, 1200 dpi super hi-resolution, digital, full colour prints allows your message to leap into the minds of everyone viewing it. Precision reproduction produces images that stand up to close inspection, while also catching the eye from across a room or a boulevard. Your visual message is instantly recognisable and immediately imprinted upon the viewing audience. Our state of the art facility provides a wide range of paper stocks and finishing options that will optimise the images for your poster printing. Years of expertise and solid designer talent allow us to perfectly match your display needs with the optimal paper and finishing, obtaining the most strikingly crisp, beautiful results every time. Utilising the cutting edge technology of Postscript RIP (raster image processor) software, we are capable of enhanced image rendering, even when printing files generated by outdated applications.

Full Colour Poster Printing

This streamlined system allows us to give you faster, more cost-effective service, while still producing the highest quality reproductions. No matter what your poster printing needs may be, we have the means to fulfill them. Our graphics arts professionals take every aspect of your project into consideration before running the first proof for your review. Size is not an issue at, as our facility can produce single image prints up to 60” wide – for an unlimited length. Your poster need not be limited to a single image either, but can be reproduced as a multi-tiled image up to any size. Whether spotlighting your product at a point of sale, catching the eyes of sidewalk traffic, or grabbing exhibition attendee’s attention, your imaged message will not be ignored. Producing your image on the paper stock that is most appropriate to your needs is an important choice in our poster printing services. Our design professionals have the expertise necessary to ensure your images are always rendered on the best possible paper stock for your application. Whether your needs call for a heavyweight coated matt paper, a semi-gloss or super high gloss photo paper, the popular satin-finish non-glare 200 gsm paper, a high quality canvas, or a translucent film – our graphics experts will select the paper that produces the highest quality results. Perhaps you have an image or graphic that you wish to have reproduced using our poster printing services, but you are uncertain about which presentation mode would be best for your needs. Never fear, our graphic arts professionals can work directly with you to determine the most productive presentation venue that will achieve your desired results. We specialise in creating innovative graphic solutions for every marketing design dilemma.

We will offer you specific ideas formulated around the elements of your target audience. From updating a company identity to introducing a new product, we can ensure printing that is engaging, inviting and crystal clear. Our premier poster printing services offer you unrivalled high quality graphic reproductions. With full colour capabilities, 6 true colours and their gradients, our prints provide crisp detail and vibrant, true-to-life colour every time. Our prints can actually look superior to your originally submitted file, because our sophisticated Postscript RIP software has the ability to evaluate the image in your original file and upgrade the image elements, allowing it to be printed as an enhanced rendering. Being able to offer you the finest, most up-to-date image rendering technologies allows e-digiprint to also offer you the finest print services and impeccable print reproductions. Preserving large format reproductions is an essential element of our poster printing services. Your print is an investment and every effort is taken to ensure its brilliant quality will last. We offer a number of finishing options that can guarantee your large format print maintains its true colour and clarity throughout your needs. For interior displays, such as hanging signs, a lightweight polyboard would be an appropriate choice. External displays fare well with a Foamex finish. Graphic panels needing light-fast protection do best with matt or gloss seal laminates and encapsulation works best for those needing water resistance or flexibility for transport. The submission process with our poster printing services is designed to make things easy for you.

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