We have teamed up with our friends at Mirri, who create wonderful Metallic and Holographic boards that we can now print onto digitally. This means that we can offer some amazing digitally printed effects that are cost effective for short print runs.

See below just a few of the ranges on offer.

Mirri Holographic Lava is awash with colour in a random wave-like pattern similar to that of lava. Take advantage of highly decorative effects in a gloss or a matt finish.

Mirri rainbow reflects a range of colours to give a rainbow effect. Simple and subtle, yet produces a stunning effect.

Mirri checkers has a regular checkered appearance. Great for a retro yet modern effect.

Mirri Blast is a holographic Mirri with a pattern similar to that of an exploding firework.

Holographic Pillars of Light reflects vertical lines along the grain of the material in rainbow colours. Can be used to create horizontal lines if printed at 90 degrees.

Mirri Confetti is a highly decorative selection of metallic finishes that add that special something to a range of applications. Iti has a highly reflective finish that’s bursting with colour and character.

Mirri Holographic Lava as also used above is awash with colour in a random wave-like pattern similar to that of lava. See how different it looks compared to the previous image, all just through print!

Mirri Oyster Prisma is pearlescent and almost ethereal in its pattern. This distinguishing iridescent film can be combined with a range of decorative print finishes.

We use the method of printing selective white toner ink to certain sections of the board so that only some parts of the reflective board show through. Then we print CMYK on to the white and reflective parts, where the CMYK hits the white, it appears as normal print, but where it hits the metallic board it shows as metallic colours.

This is all achieved on our Ricoh C7200sx digital press using the fifth unit to print white. As the result is digital, we can also personalise in metallic colours. We one of a very few printers in Essex offering Ricoh C7200sx five colour spot white printing.