Everyone says the same thing every year – ‘Doesn’t the year go quick? Where has the time gone? Will be Christmas before you know it!’. Well, that is true, less than 4 months until we are all stressing about what to buy people, and what to wear on the Christmas outing.

This Christmas, why not make it more personal? Let’s start with the obvious.. personalised Christmas Cards. Go through all the snaps you have taken throughout the year, and they can be made into a beautiful card that will not just be tossed in the bin on the 1st of Jan, but kept in a memory box forever. We are in an age where people take 1000’s of pics, see them once, and then they are lost in an archive of selfies and pictures of your food. People much more appreciate seeing stunning pictures printed out, and why not print them in the form of a Christmas card for all to cherish!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, like in card shops when you buy 1 at a time, get to the till and gulp! Many companies order bespoke Christmas Cards every year, to make their business stand out from the rest. Ranging from standard branded Christmas designs, from funny staff photo’s – depending on what response you want from the recipients. Bespoke Christmas Cards can be printed in any size or shape, the 1 thing to consider is that you work within standard envelope sizes.

Thinking more ‘outside the box’, a nice idea is to print personalised wrapping paper and gift tags (no pun intended). A big part of receiving a present is seeing it all nicely wrapped up for the weeks leading up to Christmas, so with a bit of imagination you can up the anticipation by using your own bespoke wrapping paper. It is also a good idea for businesses that send little gifts to clients over the festive period to wow them even more by sending them in wrapping paper and gift tags with the company logo – it just adds that personal touch. If wrapping isn’t your forte, another way of being creative but personal is to buy some ‘off the shelf’ unbranded boxes, and brand them yourself with custom Christmas Labels, they are equally as impressive with the right design.

Many businesses use Christmas as a time to thank their loyal customers. A clever idea would be to double up the seasons greetings with an item that will be used all year round… bespoke desk calendars! Be as creative as you like, desk calendars, wall calendars, table talkers or weird and wacky – whatever suits you.

So this Christmas, lets make it personal.